Welcome to the
American Gold Wing Association

This exciting Motorcycle organization has some of the finest people that you'll find anywhere as itís members.

AGWA was originally formed in 1983 as a family oriented social organization that consisted of individuals who owned and enjoyed riding Honda GoldWing Motorcycles.

However, full membership in AGWA is now open to the owners of all types of touring motorcycles who desire to ride safely and experience the fun and fellowship that goes along with being a member of our organization.

I hope that you will enjoy joining AGWA as much as I did, and I look forward to having an opportunity to meet you at a future AGWA function/activity.

Meeting and riding with other AGWA members throughout the country is one of my favorite past times. And I hope that you will join us by participating in our various family activities, recreation, education programs and fellowship.


AGWA is owned and operated by its members.

Each individual member has a voice in each local chapter and elects their chapter representatives.

The chapter representatives are responsible for electing the State Director of their State, and the State Directors, in turn, elect the National Officers.

The State and National Officers and Directors serve three (3) year terms, and they meet annually at our National Business Meeting to conduct the major business of AGWA.

All of our meetings are open, and every member of AGWA is invited to attend the National Business Meeting which is conducted each year in conjunction with our annual Gold Classic Rally.

AGWA is based upon a democratic process where each member is heard through a vote to determine the goals, directions and operations of the association.

Your support and interest is necessary to the success of AGWA.

This is, after all, your Association, and you have a say in how it is operated.

Become involved at your local level, promote the American Gold Wing Association.

Wear and display the AGWA logo, to show your membership and support in a fast growing motorcycle society.

Most importantly, RIDE SAFE and HAVE FUN.


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